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Edmonton is a place where people come to do big things - because they can. It all starts here.

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Whether you're exploring entrepreneurship or a new entrepreneur, we want to work with you. From planning it all out to marketing the product, our programs to start will give you the tools and advice to bring your idea to the next step.

Foundational Programs

Business Model 101

Map out your idea and validate its potential using the Lean Canvas. Whether it’s your first time testing an idea or exploring entrepreneurship, or your tenth time, a strong foundation will set you up for success. 

Social Impact Business Model

You’ll focus on the Social Lean Canvas, a tool for developing a clear understanding of the social impact and value propositions of a business or social enterprise, or not-for-profit idea.

Discover & Validate

Once you’ve mapped everything out with the Lean Canvas, we’ll guide you through talking to customers so you can build them something they’ll love.

Programs to Start

Alberta Catalyzer: Engage

Supporting entrepreneurs that will take the information they’ve collected from initial customer discovery about the problem they’re looking to solve and work on a minimum viable product (MVP) that they will be ready to test.

Build, Test & Learn

Embark on a comprehensive journey of entrepreneurial learning and skill development with our series of workshops tailored for founders and entrepreneurs. Led by seasoned experts in their respective fields, each workshop offers invaluable insights and practical tools to navigate the complexities of startup development and innovation.

Alberta Catalyzer: Traction

Supporting entrepreneurs to establish a compelling brand voice and establish a sales strategy to grow their initial sales and traction.

Preflight: Market, Sell & Pitch

You’ve tested your solution and continue to hear and learn from your customers—Nice Work! Now it’s time to start learning how to tell your story. Get ready to dive into marketing, sales, and pitching.

Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Executive In Residence

Students, staff, and alumni of Edmonton’s post-secondary schools interested in building a technology-based company can access the support of an Executive in Residence (EIR) on campus.

Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Business Development Support

Students, staff, and alumni of Edmonton’s post-secondary schools interested in building a technology-based company can access support through the Business Development Support (BDS) program.

Partner Programs

Capital City Pilots

Connecting local entrepreneurs with City-owned assets. Small to medium-sized businesses can test their innovative intellectual property while making improvements to municipal property. 

ANZA "New Beginnings"

Designed to help our youths to generate and develop business ideas, put these ideas into a business plan, provide mentorship and also help them seek out and apply for loans that they can kick-off their businesses with, this for us is providing them with ANZA (New Beginning). 

Innovation U: An Entrepreneurship Series

Adapted from Edmonton Unlimited’s Foundational series through to Preflight: Market, Sell & Pitch is an inclusive program aimed at all innovators and entrepreneurs. Each class can be taken in sequence or as a stand-alone session and is designed to build upon one another. 

Accelerators to Start

Alberta Accelerator by 500

With the goal of uplifting the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs, the Alberta Accelerator by 500 is designed for startups with the shared vision of strengthening Alberta as a global hub for tech innovation. Both local and international startups with a tech-enabled solution from any industry or sector can apply.

Plug and Play Alberta

Plug and Play connects the world's best startups with international corporations to bring technology to market faster. Alberta entrepreneurs will have access to a network of official corporate partners, venture capitalists, and supports to scale and grow, hire tech talent, and propel digital transformation across the province.

TELUS Community Safety & Wellness Accelerator powered by AlchemistX

In partnership with AlchemistX, the Edmonton Police Foundation, and Alberta Innovates, the CSW Accelerator is bringing proven Silicon Valley acceleration programming to support solutions aimed at positive social impact in Edmonton.

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