Social Impact Business Model




  • You have a social impact business idea, social enterprise, or business (does not have to be tech-enabled) 
  • You have a not-for-profit idea
  • You may not have a solid idea, but you’ve identified a problem you’d like to solve 
  • Own or work at an existing business that you want to innovate on or develop a high-level business model that’s relevant to social innovation
  • Have a general interest in the Lean Canvas process


In this two-hour workshop, you will focus on the Social Lean Canvas to develop a clear understanding of the social impact and value propositions of a business, social enterprise, or not-for-profit idea. Participants will learn how to fill out the canvas and refine their ideas based on social impact considerations. 


  • Hands-on support and feedback with experienced facilitators
  • Understanding the Social Lean Canvas and its relevance in social innovation
  • Define social impact and value propositions
  • Completion of your own Social Lean Canvas
  • Ready to move through Testing Business Ideas and Discover & Validate


Register today for this workshop where Business Model 101 meets Social Impact. 

Business Model 101 completion is not necessary for this program.

Please note that the August 2 slot is now full. 

This program is partially funded through the City of Edmonton and offered at no cost, thanks to Alberta Innovates, through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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