Innovation from here for the world

Meeting global challenges with homegrown ingenuity.

Innovation from here for the world

Meeting global challenges with homegrown ingenuity.

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Journey Stage: Student

I am a student

Whether you’re a lifelong learner enrolled in a new academic program or a high school student at the beginning of your academic journey, we can help bring your ideas to life in a way that complements your learning journey. Our free programs have helped grad students, undergraduates, and secondary students launch innovative products and businesses.

Journey Stage: Idea

I have an idea

Every great business and innovation the world has seen started with an idea or a passion for fixing problems and making things better. But sometimes, people with ideas just don’t know where to start. Well, you’re in the right place. Our free programs will walk you through how to develop your idea and unlock its potential for success.

Journey Stage: Start

I want to start

You know what your idea or potential business has to offer — maybe you even have future customers lined up. But you need a little help getting off the ground. From securing investments to crafting business and sales plans, we have programs that can help prototype and formalize your idea or plan, and experts who can guide you through the process.

Journey Stage: Grow

I want to grow

You have an established business and presence in the market. Maybe you are a small business or a multinational company — either way, you know there are always more opportunities to innovate and grow. We have the expertise and networks to connect you with what you need to double down, to adapt, and to pivot, when it comes to your innovation, technology and strategic deal-making. 

We are a city of innovators with solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. Whether you launch here, land here, or pivot here, at Edmonton Unlimited, we are here for you. We provide free programming and resources that Edmonton’s innovators, big thinkers and problem solvers need to turn their ideas into solutions.

Innovation in Edmonton

One Global

Innovation Capital

Together, we are putting Edmonton on the map, with innovators working to solve the world’s biggest problems. Great things are happening in Edmonton, and they’re happening fast. 

Fastest growing tech ecosystem in North America

Source: CBRE 2021


Startups and Scaleups

Source: Start Alberta
Ecosystem value increased by 236% since 2020: currently $641 million, up from $191 million in 2020 and $435 million in 2021.
Source: 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

$400k median seed round funding in Edmonton.

Source: Startup Genome

Edmonton is the fastest-growing tech sector in North America, with over 50% growth in our talent pool. 

Source: CBRE Scoring Tech Talent Report 2021
Over 60% of companies within Edmonton Unlimited Programming* are focused on solutions for global challenges.
*Preflight, Propel, Experts on Demand, Post-Secondary Institute.
Source: Edmonton Unlimited Annual Report 2021

Your impact as a partner

 Moving innovation forward is a team sport and Edmonton Unlimited invites partnerships across many different sectors, projects, and opportunities. From supporting our programs that help local innovators build their big ideas, to a wide range of sponsorship and engagement opportunities, there is a place for you.

Join our growing group of partners helping to bring made-in-Edmonton solutions to the next level and onto the world stage.


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