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Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Executive In Residence

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You are a student. staff, and alumni of Edmonton’s post-secondary schools (listed above) interested in building a technology-based company can access the support through our Business Development Support (BDS) program. Alumni specifically, must be actively engaged with their post-secondary institution or have graduated within six months. 

The Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Program is a free program, thanks to the joint support by Alberta Innovates through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network as well as support from Prairies Economic Development Canada.


Potential participants should first contact an Executive in Residence (EIR) to determine if you’re eligible for the BDS program. Once accepted, you’ll be matched with subject-matter experts to help address your unique challenges and gaps, plus develop your company.  

  • Establishing corporate goals and monitoring performance. 
  • Leading development of corporate strategy and business plans.  
  • Working with leadership to ensure effective cash flow management.  
  • Developing growth opportunities for the company.  
  • Company restructuring.  
  • Assisting with executive, board, and staff member recruitment and onboarding.  
  • Assisting with securing financing.  
  • Assisting with securing industry partners and/or lead customers.  
  • Coordinating appropriate intellectual property review and protection strategy.  
  • Developing a marketing strategy. 
  • Conducting market research. 


  • Resources to help you start or scale your business from our EIRs 
  • Mentorship from our on-campus EIRs  
  • Awareness of next steps in your entrepreneurial journey 


Contact an Executive In Residence to determine if you’re eligible. After that, click on the button below to start the application.

This program is offered at no cost, thanks to Alberta Innovates, through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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