Alumni Companies

Launch Party Alumni Companies

Launch Party quickly became an Edmonton startup community tradition when it launched in 2010. Since that time, more than 100 companies have launched their businesses and raised more than $278M USD in investment and $22M CDN in grants to grow and scale. Entrepreneurship is hard and we’re proud that more than 70% of participants continue to expand their business. Launch Party is now a key event during Edmonton Startup Week.

Launch Party 2: 2011






Robot Rhythm

Launch Party 1: 2010



Edistorm (Stormboard)

Empire Avenue


Mailout Interactive – Aquired


Seek Your Own Proof


Yardstick Software

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Velocity Alumni Companies

Velocity is one of the three programs of Alberta Catalyzer for entrepreneurs launching and growing a tech-enabled company. The companies listed here are from the Northern Alberta cohorts, which are delivered in Edmonton. Companies that are in Southern Alberta received program delivery in Calgary at Platform Calgary.

Alumni Companies

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