Tech-Agnostic Experts On Demand

Pilot Program


If you have an innovative company or non-profit organization committed to solving tricky, global challenges right here in Edmonton, you are encouraged to apply for the new, tech-agnostic version of Experts on Demand. This pilot program is fully funded by Edmonton Unlimited and is open to locally-owned companies that can illustrate the innovative nature of their work and/or business model.


Become an Expert on Demand

Experts on Demand are proven business leaders with an infectious passion for coaching. They have reached the stage of their careers in which they’re focused on sharing their knowledge — and recognize that they can gain as much from the coaching experience as the companies they advise. Does this sound like you? Apply now to become an Expert on Demand.



  • You have an innovative Edmonton-based business or non-profit.
  • You have some traction.
  • You are ready to grow.
  • Successful applicants will be matched with a business expert of their choice who will provide up to 100 hours of specialized advising and/or expertise to help the business grow.
  • Experts will be paid by Edmonton Unlimited, and there is no cost to the company/founder.

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