ANZA “New Beginnings”

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ANZA –Swahili for “NEW BEGINNINGS”  

The ANZA Black Entrepreneur Ecosystem program helps Black youths generate and develop their business ideas, convert them into a business plan, provide mentorship, and help them seek out and apply for loans to kick off their businesses. Uniquely ours because the program helps implement solutions to real-life issues facing Black youth and provides essential mentorship opportunities. 

The project is strengthened with the ACCEC ACB stabilization housing project, assisting youth with basic needs. A culturally sensitive wrap-around program, ANZA also focuses on interrupting cycles of crimes of poverty and being a victim or perpetrator of violence. The commitment of police, businesses, and community partners working together is changing the way we work with Black youth in the City of Edmonton.


  • Targets systemic barriers such as over-representation and lack of support in the justice system for Black youth by diverting them to better opportunities. 
  • Build and strengthen all the essential supports that create meaningful opportunities for Black youth in Edmonton. 
  • Foster the desire in Black youth to drive social change and transformational benefit to society through business. 

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