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Innovation Launchpad is Concordia University of Edmonton’s (CUE) flagship entrepreneurship education program that supports all CUE members (students, staff, faculty, and recent alumni) from every program to become founders and changemakers in their fields — starting a new company with a product or service that fits a market need. 

It’s a space to explore an idea, like a sandbox, and to provide design thinking and business perspectives to help you polish your idea into a viable, feasible and desirable company for you to lead.  

Previous Innovation Launchpad graduates have developed: apps, an innovative recycling solution, a machine learning-based technology, new processes, new product lines, public health-related ideas, and online stores. 


This 6-week program supports individuals or startup teams through the startup process — from ideation to developing a solution for paying customers.  

For Winter 2023, we are offering an option of a cohort-based program with your peers, and/or one-on-one coaching.  

The program includes a series of workshops, expert sessions and dedicated support for CUE members. 

The grand finale of the program is the Innovation Launchpad showcase, which is a pitch competition with a panel of judges where participants present their projects and compete for a variety of prizes. 


  • Learn about entrepreneurship and explore entrepreneurship as a career path 
  • Discover problems that have feasible, viable and desirable solutions that could become a successful company in the future 
  • Share your passion about your research project and about its commercialization potential 
  • Build entrepreneurial thinking skills 
  • Enhance your resume and early-career experience 
  • Connect with the Edmonton Innovation Ecosystem of support services, grants, and industry connections to help your startup thrive 

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The ELITE program provides hands-on learning and entrepreneurship training to help young Black innovators ages 15 to 22 navigate the world of innovation and technology.
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