Preflight: Build, Test & Learn

Ready to take flight? We’re right here beside you.


  • Completed Discover & Validate 
  • Interviewed at least 25 B2C customers or 10 B2B customers, and are committed to continuing to talk to customers
  • Your learnings talking to to customers show that this is a real problem to solve


Our goal is to help you build the simplest form of your solution to put in front of customers, not to sell but to test. This program takes place over six weeks of two-hour live, online sessions. After talking with potential customers, you’ve discovered that people need what you’re trying to build. You’re ready to build a prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) to start testing.


How to Apply

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This program is partially funded through the City of Edmonton and offered at no cost, thanks to Alberta Innovates, through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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