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When you’re talking about innovation in Edmonton, the opportunities are limitless. From the sticky problems we solve to the brilliant people who solve them, this has always been a place that sees pathways instead of barriers, that supports and encourages one another, and a place where people can do well - while also doing good for the planet. Edmonton Unlimited is all about harnessing the power of possibility and bringing the best of Edmonton to the world.

Supporting Innovators

Innovation in Edmonton

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Innovation Capital

Together, we are putting Edmonton on the map, with innovators working to solve the world’s biggest problems. Great things are happening in Edmonton, and they’re happening fast. 


Hours of 1:1 industry-specific business support delivered.
*Scaleup Programming


Total participation in 2022 Edmonton Unlimited programs.
Edmonton startup ecosystem value increased by 236% since 2020: currently $641 million, up from $191 million in 2020 and $435 million in 2021.
Source: 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report


North American ecosystem in affordable talent, measured by the ability to hire tech talent.

Source: 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report


Companies tackling a Global Challenge, such as the climate emergency, food security, public health, digital inclusion, social justice, and Reconciliation.


Companies participating in Edmonton Unlimited programming are working on a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).
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World Class NPS scores for all Edmonton Unlimited programs.
Edmonton Metropolitan Region ranked as the best community in the country for youth work.
Source: Urban Work Index
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Early-stage funding increased by 50% from $89 million in 2021 to $134 million in 2022.

Source: 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report


of the 12 City of Edmonton Wards have citizens engaged in innovation via Edmonton Unlimited.

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Innovation Stories

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Maps & Dashboards

In collaboration with several partners, we provide tools and platforms to help innovators, partners, funders and stakeholders connect, collaborate, and accelerate growth and innovation.

Alumni Companies

Edmonton entrepreneurs, students, startups and established businesses have all contributed to the distinct identity this city has forged as a place to take risks and where anyone can accomplish anything. They are the reason this city is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in North America (CBRE 2021) and is recognized internationally as a capital for innovation.

Reports & Strategic Materials

Our reports and strategic materials provide insights and context into how we’ve grown and where we’re heading.

Let's Collaborate

Work with us to continue building Edmonton's innovation communities, by checking out our partnership opportunities.

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