Experts On Demand

Getting expert advice from those who’ve been through it.



  • Established market traction  
  • Formed a team of more than one person 
  • Have global export potential


Growth-stage companies will be matched with one of 100+ experts, with intentional representation, providing up to 100 hours of one-to-one and industry-specific business support on operational topics. 

This program is grant funded, therefore we are not able to offer expert support for grant writing.


  • Establish corporate goals and monitoring performance 
  • Leading development of corporate strategy and business plans 
  • Working with leadership to ensure effective cash flow management 
  • Developing growth opportunities for the company 
  • Company restructuring 
  • Assisting with executive, board, and staff member recruitment and onboarding 
  • Assisting with securing financing 
  • Assisting with securing industry partners and/or lead customers 
  • Coordinating appropriate intellectual property review and protection strategy 
  • Developing a marketing strategy 
  • Conducting market research


Experts on Demand  is a free program, thanks to the joint support by Alberta Innovates through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network as well as support from Prairies Economic Development Canada.


Experts have reached the stage of their careers in which they’re focused on sharing their knowledge and recognize that they can gain as much from the coaching experience as the companies they advise. 

As an expert in your industry and with a willingness to give back to the community, you can provide one on one support to help businesses grow. Edmonton Unlimited will contract you on behalf of the tech-enabled founder.

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