Experts On Demand

Getting expert advice from those who’ve been through it.


What is Experts on Demand (EOD)?

Experts on Demand is a program crafted to link growth-stage companies with industry-specific experts, providing up to 100 hours of fractional support. Together, founders and experts collaborate to tackle challenges, drive growth, and expand their businesses. This isn’t a coaching program, instead experts are dedicated to creating customized deliverables that meet your specific needs. This initiative presents a remarkable chance to tap into high-caliber talent at zero cost.


  • You are incorporated 
  • Operate in the Edmonton Region
  • Have an MVP
  • Have an established market traction
  • Technology and innovation are core elements of your business
  • Have the potential to scale


Accepted companies gain exclusive access to a curated list of vetted experts. Once you have selected an expert and a scope of work is agreed upon to align with the company’s expectations and the fit between the expert and founder, the expert will provide fractional support by developing specific deliverables for the company.


  • Increase traction and sales
  • Move from MVP to final product
  • Create a marketing strategy that works
  • Get ready to talk to investors and secure funding
  • Find and improve revenue streams
  • Enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes
  • Develop and implement effective customer acquisition strategies
  • Expand market reach and penetrate new demographics
  • Develop a sustainable business model for long-term growth
  • Strengthen the company’s overall competitive advantage in the market
  • And more


Experts have reached the stage of their careers in which they’re focused on sharing their knowledge and recognize that they can gain as much from the coaching experience as the companies they advise. 

As an expert in your industry and with a willingness to give back to the community, you can provide one on one support to help businesses grow. Edmonton Unlimited will contract you on behalf of the tech-enabled founder.

This program is offered at no cost, thanks to Alberta Innovates, through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network, along with Prairies Economic Development Canada.

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