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Introducing the Winter 2024 cohort of Propel FastTrack: Finance

Meet the companies in the latest cohort of the Propel FastTrack: Finance series

Propel FastTrack is a series designed to support Edmonton-based, early-stage, tech-enabled or uniquely innovative startup companies/founders by giving them the skills and strategies they need in as little time as possible, so that they can focus on building their company. Rather than touching on a range of different topics in a high-level way, we’re focusing on one essential area at a time.

In the Propel FastTrack: Finance series, participants will spend five weeks gaining the tools needed to strategically manage their finances and propel their businesses toward sustainable growth. Additionally, they will learn about dilutive and non-dilutive funding, improve their readiness to apply for grants and engage with potential investors, along with enhancing their financial awareness. 

Meet the Companies

Aqua-Cell Energy  |  Founders/Team: Keith Cleland
Aqua-Cell Energy is developing affordable, long duration salt water flow batteries, using our proprietary chemistries and processes, to bridge the gap between mismatched supply/demand of electricity and to increase climate resiliency.

Atmose Ltd.  |  Founders/Team: Tyler Johnson
Atmose’s Aerosol Charge Conditioner (ACC) is a key component of aerosol particle measurement systems which enable our customers to reliably monitor air quality, quantify climate forcing, and characterize emission sources.

ClicknPush Accessibility Inc.  |  Founders/Team: Isha Katyal
C&P is a social enterprise that began in October 2018 with the intention of providing accessibility mapping to decrease the difficulty that people with disabilities experience when navigating spaces. C&P has expertise and technologies that enable those who require mobility devices such as manual and powered wheelchairs, attendant propelled wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers, and those with vision and hearing limitations, to access public spaces.

GenFive  |  Founder(s)/Team: Anthony Cote
Autonomous marketing and social media content creation and programmatic SEO for WordPress websites.

Grow Women Leaders  |  Founder(s)/Team: Tracy Barry
GROW Women Leaders is the revolutionary online platform that connects highly skilled women professionals, particularly immigrants, with companies seeking their expertise, empowering them to thrive in the global workforce. We break down barriers and provide unparalleled opportunities for women professionals, addressing the challenges faced by companies in accessing diverse talent and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Feedware Systems Corp.  |  Founder(s)/Team: Joshua Hawley
We have software for agricultural feed industry for manufacturing and logistics. We also have a platform for traceability. MTX is for manufacturing, WMX for shipping and logistics, and FX is our platform.

Inplico Ltd.  |  Founder(s)/Team: Maple Rose Furigay
Our generative AI-powered platform streamlines construction compliance and permit approvals by transforming complex safety codes and sustainability regulations into interactive, easy-to-understand illustrations.

Maado  |  Founder(s)/Team: Yonus Halala
A website that provides employers with access to vetted global talent for undeserved regions.

Natrulab Innovations Inc. |  Founder(s)/Team: Madeline Hardy
Creating biodegradable disinfectant wipes. Many cleaning wipes are made from plastic that takes 30-100 years to breakdown and leaves behind microplastics. Our product is plant-based and biodegradable eliminating the waste created by single-use plastic cleaning wipes.

Precision Canada  |  Founder(s)/Team: Hasan Razak
Creating more hygienic dental surgical tools which are easy to clean.

Relationflix  |  Founder(s)/Team: Steven Roland
Video subscription service platform specializing in relationship and intimacy education.

XTRON DIGITAL LTD  |  Founder(s)/Team: Oladayo Ogunleke
Xtron is a Neo banking platform that is redefining the process of cryptocurrency peer-to-peer exchange and simplifying cross-border remittance for African immigrants.

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