Propel FastTrack

Identify Your Startup's Path to Profitability

Propel FastTrack is a new series that gives entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need in as little time as possible, so that they can focus on building their company. Rather than touching on a range of different topics in a high-level way, we’re focusing on one essential area at a time.

The latest theme of this series is Finance – Your Route to Profitability . Confidently chart your path to profitability and secure the future of your business. Applications close on January 12th, and this series is scheduled to start on February 6th, 2024.


  • Your company is based in Edmonton or the surrounding area 
  • You have an early-stage startup or business 
  • Your business/product is either: 
    • Tech-enabled, meaning through technology is scalable and it can grow beyond your own personal expertise, availability, and geographic location. 


    • Unique and innovative, meaning it’s based on a process or product that is not easily replicated. 
  • You must demonstrate traction (revenue) towards commercialization and are prepared to grow. 
  • You can commit 6 hours per week for five weeks 

NOTE: This program is available to those based on readiness, and whether you meet the criteria. Previous Edmonton Unlimited programming is not a requirement.  


Sales and Marketing (September 18 – October 27, 2023):

  • How to build your Sales engine and a repeatable and scalable process 
  • Practical stuff: prospecting, qualifying, unit price economics, demos, but much more 
  • Go-to-market strategies   
  • Validate your business and sales model 
  • Learn Business essentials and connect with other founders  
  • Get expert advice and coaching on fixing what’s not working 

Finance – Your Route to Profitability (Feb 6- March 7, 2024):

  • Financial literacy is a crucial skill for every successful entrepreneur.
  • Founders who join the session Acquire practical financial skills that can be implemented immediately in their business operations.
  • By participating, founders will learn to make well-informed decisions rooted in financial data.
  • This session empowers founders to manage their finances strategically, propelling 😊 their businesses toward sustainable growth.
  • Founders will learn about dilutive and non-dilutive funding, and will be better prepared to apply for grants and talk to potential investors.


*Applicants for Velocity must have achieved initial product market fit with trending sales growth, revenue and a team to scale your business.  

The Propel FastTrack program helped me identify strategies that are working for my business, create a scalable way to reach customers and establish a successful referral program.


This program is partially funded through the City of Edmonton and offered at no cost, thanks to Alberta Innovates, through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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