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Black Futures Roundup: Feb 2024

Black History Month, and every month, is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the achievements of Black entrepreneurs and the role they play in shaping our economy, city, province, and society. A recent Quickbooks found that 70% of Black business owners view their business’s success as important to the success of future generations of Black entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is challenging, but these founders are resilient despite the unique and often amplified obstacles they face.

Despite all that, progress is being made. In the same survey, a majority (52%) of Black business owners think the next generation will experience less hardships than they have. Here’s a round-up of some of the impactful events/resources and voices building a better Black Future.

Spotlight: Startups to Watch
  • Token Naturals is a company that provides cannabis extract as a product to consumer packaged goods companies.
  • City Lending Centers provides custom credit-building solutions to help clients take control of their finances.
  • UpRow is a comprehensive settlement app designed specifically for newcomers in Canada.
  • Kemet Pharmaceuticals‘ just-in-time manufacturing capabilities will solve many essential drug shortages in low-resource settings.
  • Using artificial intelligence-based analysis, Adewunmi Skincare creates custom formulations for individual skin goals.
  • Partyra offers an all-in-one events solution designed to streamline event planning and management.
  • Scooly is an education technology startup company that provides solutions for international student admission and payment system. 

AFROFACTS Game Night | Wednesday Feb 28th 6-8pm
Join us for the magic that is AFRO FACTS, a game created by an Edmonton-based company that provides Black history education in an alternative way while creating safe spaces and sparking important conversations around systemic racism, prejudice, and more. RSVP:

C-Tribe x Gaming Festival | Feb 23-25
C-Tribe x Gaming offers gamers and gaming industry professionals access to industry training, and professional development and showcases the gaming industry in a unique atmosphere of exploration. The event features Pitch Quests, esports tournaments, game jams and more!

Chasing Ubuntu – A Documentary by ACCEC
Chasing Ubuntu is a documentary that intertwines  ACCEC’s  ANZA Entrepreneurship learning journey through using the incorporation of the profound African Indigenous philosophy of Ubuntu in addressing anti-black racism by building youth of African descent’s spirit, dignity, and economic sovereignty, facilitated by a process rooted in community-based learning. We’re proud to partner with ACCEC in the program delivery and content for the ANZA program to promote entrepreneurship for Black youth in Alberta.
This cinematic experience is more than just a documentary; it’s a call to action, an inspiration to embark on journeys of renewal. “Chasing Ubuntu” challenges us to embrace the interconnected narrative of life, where our individual growth is intricately woven into the fabric of our shared existence. The Chasing Ubuntu documentary airs on Feb. 24 at 3:45 PM at Metro Cinema.

Community Voices:

“There needs to be more programs and resources to inspire Black entrepreneurs. Programs that specifically support Black entrepreneurs are crucial to furthering growth and development in this ecosystem.” – Tosin Kuye, Co-Founder of CoverQuick

“One piece of advice for Black entrepreneurs is not to be afraid to be proud and Black. I used to shy away from discussing any issues about being a Black founder… That was until I was told ‘For years, people like you were not given a spotlight. Now that you finally are, you should own it!’” – Divine Adekanmbi, Co-Founder of CoverQuick

Opportunities and Programs

Black Boys Code Workshops
Empowering Black youth with digital literacy skills to become tomorrow’s leaders in tech. They offer engaging workshops, after-school programs, exciting summer camps, and other iniatives


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Edmonton Unlimited is proud to partner with this unique program (ELITE) designed to create opportunities for Black Youth to access experiential (hands-on and observed) learning and work-integrated training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields and entrepreneurship.

Black Business Ventures Association
Helps Black founders gain knowledge and obtain resources to build their tech startup.

Recommended Readings
Final Remarks 

Black History Month and Black Futures Month present an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Black entrepreneurs in shaping the economy, society, and community. Let’s continue to work together to create a more supportive and inclusive environment where Black entrepreneurs can thrive and succeed 

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