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It’s not networking, it’s so much more than that

Mega Meetups, coffee breaks, and street hockey – community events where isolation and loneliness fade away.

Have you ever wondered how startup crawls, meetups, or even a street hockey tournament could possibly relate to tech entrepreneurship and innovation? Well, it’s more than just a great DJ, excellent food or tapping in the game-winner in OT. Events like Mega Meetup Monday, which recently brought together over 300 people and 14 volunteer-led meetup groups, play a vital role in combatting loneliness and fostering a sense of community. Quick shoutout to the amazing meetup hosts who volunteer their time and experience!

“I am an entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about my work... and I'm constantly striving to take my business to new heights. But despite my success, I feel a sense of loneliness that I can't seem to shake.” – said in a recent LinkedIn article.

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the intense focus on driving product innovation can often lead to isolation. Loneliness, as studies show, can be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day according to the World Health Organization. That’s why our community believes in the power of shared experiences, friendly environments, and collaborative events. Events like Mega Meetup Monday are not just about networking; they are about creating an environment for builders and their teams to connect and collide with others doing the same.

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Mega Meetup Monday – Jan. 22

Our commitment to combating loneliness extends to our weekly community coffee. We invite everyone to join us, share stories, and build connections. It’s a chance to break away from the daily grind and enjoy coffee in a casual environment.

Group of participants in a street hockey tournament during Startup Week 2015.
#Throwback Did you know that during Startup Week 2015, the startup community closed 104th in ICE District for a friendly street hockey tournament? A little friendly competition on the streets can go a long way.

Another fantastic example is Launch Party, where we come together to celebrate 10 of the city’s hottest startups with a party. These events are more than just extras – they form the foundation of a healthy, sustainable, and growth-oriented community.

Whether you’re a founder forging your way through the entrepreneurial landscape or a valuable member of a startup team, there’s always room for a breather. Join us for some vintage arcade games, engage in social activities, grab a cup at community coffee, and who knows, maybe we’ll revive the street hockey tournament one day! Our community is here, ready to support you every step of the way. 💜

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