DiveThru is on a mission to ensure no one struggles alone. They address the mental health crisis by connecting individuals, couples, and families with human-centered mental healthcare, peer communities, and self-guided resources. With a new bright, cheery, and Instagrammable space, DiveThru’s goal is to ensure everyone can access mental health support that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive, both in-person and through their online platform.

Last year, DiveThru celebrated huge successes, including pivoting to their new innovative model of hybrid brick-and-mortar offering, planning the launch of their first studio, reaching profitability, and being the only Canadian company accepted into Techstars, a world-renowned, US-based tech accelerator for new businesses to help entrepreneurs learn essential business skills and receive investor funding.

In 2022, DiveThru Founder Sophie Gray also participated in the Edmonton Unlimited Experts-on-Demand (EOD) program and provided coaching support for the Alberta Catalyzer Velocity founders. Through EOD, Sophie received one-on-one coaching and mentorship from an experienced entrepreneur with a similar business background in the same industry. The expertise and knowledge supported DiveThru to open its first studio and expand its team.

Through the Experts on Demand program, we were able to gain expert advice from someone in our industry.... we had SO many... questions that we were easily able to get answered.

2023 is turning out to be another big year for DiveThru. Gray and a team of nine registered psychologists officially opened the doors to their brick-and-mortar DiveThru psychology clinic this June, located near Whyte Avenue in Edmonton. Gray says she designed the clinic to make therapy easier to access for “today’s generation.”

We want to change the perception of mental health, and we're looking to do that through this unique model of creating these really stunning spaces and a better experience overall.

In addition to their new and refreshing studio space, DiveThru is planning for Series A financing, continuing to expand revenues and systemize operations. Sophie recently joined Edmonton Unlimited’s network of Experts-on-Demand as a bonus for emerging entrepreneurs and to give back to the community through the same programming that supported DiveThru.

DiveThru recently announced the exciting news that they’ve been selected for Alberta Innovates’ Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) –  Validate program, a competitive grant focused on growing health technology innovation in Alberta. The AICE Validate program supports Alberta researchers and small to medium-sized enterprises with funding to validate their product, market fit, business model, and regulatory path, accelerating the commercialization of health technologies into care.

Visit their website to learn more about DiveThru or check out their Instagram @letsdivethru.

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