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Team CarePal

Transforming the family caregiving experience through its comprehensive management app.


Team CarePal leads the charge in transforming the family caregiving experience through its comprehensive management app, streamlining communication, scheduling, delegation, and task tracking. Founded by CEO Cindy Sim in 2020, their digital solution delivers personalized resources to combat burnout and health issues that more than a million Alberta caregivers face daily.

Team CarePal offers two key solutions: a Caregiver Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to equip organizations with tools to enable better care coordination, and an Employer Wellness Program to support caregiving employees. Made feasible by the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii), Team CarePal plans to predict and prevent caregiver burnout by leveraging data and machine learning.

In 2023, Team CarePal celebrated many milestones including the launch of their customer-facing app, onboarding 400 clients and winning the People’s Choice Award at Launch Party 14 during Edmonton Startup Week. Team CarePal also successfully received funding from Alberta Innovates and The National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). After completing several Startup programs in 2022, Team CarePal connected with business leaders and experts through Edmonton Unlimited’s Experts on Demand program in 2023, who provided their team with real-time support as the team prepared to bring their product to market.

I was looking to find guidance and education on the gaps in my business plan and how to launch our product into the market successfully. Edmonton Unlimited provided us with exceptional programs that laid a strong foundation for our business's growth. The access to a network and introductions to industry leaders proved to be immeasurably valuable in launching our company.

Team CarePal has already begun 2024 with an exciting itinerary. Among the highlights are the initiation of two pilots with long-term care facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the investigation into expanding their employer wellness program insurance companies, and the highly anticipated launch of their artificial intelligence digital navigation bot. This innovative tool is designed to provide guidance and support to caregivers navigating the complex healthcare ecosystem. Connect with Team CarePal on LinkedIn to follow their journey.

To learn more about Team CarePal, visit their website. To read Edmonton Unlimited’s 2023 annual report, go here.

Programs made possible, thanks to the City of Edmonton and Alberta Innovates.

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