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Edmonton Unlimited welcomes the fifth Propel cohort

*Disclaimer: The following content was released using our former organization name Innovate Edmonton and/or program division Startup Edmonton, prior to the transition to our new brand and name, Edmonton Unlimited.

Propel is our 12-week pre-accelerator program, powered by a grant from Alberta Innovates, designed to support tech entrepreneurs as they solidify their business foundations and prepare to apply for accelerators, secure investment, and increase revenue.

We are happy to announce the fifth cohort for Propel is

The companies were selected via competitive application decided upon by the Startup Edmonton team alongside a panel including Ken Bautista, Co-Founder of The Public Food Hub Co., Shaheel Hooda, Partner at Sprout VC, and Carey Houston, Founder & CEO of 321 Growth Academy.

Prior involvement in Startup Edmonton programs was not a requirement for acceptance: The cohort was picked from early-stage companies from a variety of industries that had a scalable tech-enabled product being used in market, launched within the past 18 months, an understanding of product space and why their product is a solution, and proof of customers/users.

“Propel is a unique opportunity that connects startups with very specific expertise as they continue to push towards revenue growth and investment opportunities.
— Nathan Ip, Integrated Program Manager

Running from February 28–May 20, 2022, Propel is a customized series of mentorship opportunities and ecosystem activities that provides participants with connections with experts, advisors, founders and funders from across Canada including Canadian Tech Network (CTN) advisors, Sprout Fund, 321 Growth Academy, A100, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and more.

Additionally, the program will train key skills required for startup success through structured programming with a structured forum for weekly peer-to-peer mentoring.

The participants will receive accountability coaching with weekly progress check-ins with our team.

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