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Edmonton Unlimited’s (Ultimate) Gift Guide

Support Local Founders This Holiday Season

It’s not just the season of jingles and joy, but also a time to cheer for our local startups! Dive into our merry gift guide, brimming with local gems perfect for your holiday shopping or to shout about in your network.

3 Ways to Support Local Entrepreneurs Without Spending a Dime

  1. Lend a Hand or a Brain: Founders love fresh insights! Your time and expertise could be the best gift ever.
  2. Be a Social Butterfly: Spread the joy on social media! It’s free, fun, and fab for getting the word out.
  3. Connections = Currency: Your contacts could be a startup’s golden ticket. Share the love, make connections, and watch the magic happen!

Now, get ready to unwrap the surprises in our Ultimate Gift Guide below 👇👇

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