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Introducing the Spring 2023 cohort of Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing

Meet the companies in the latest cohort of the Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing series

Propel FastTrack is a series designed to support Edmonton-based, early-stage, tech-enabled or uniquely innovative startup companies/founders by giving them the skills and strategies they need in as little time as possible, so that they can focus on building their company. Rather than touching on a range of different topics in a high-level way, we’re focusing on one essential area at a time.

In the Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing series, participants will spend five weeks learning how to build their sales engine and a repeatable and scalable process, go-to-market strategies, and more, all while getting hands-on, individual support from expert mentors and coaches.

Meet the Companies

Diamond Process Solutions Inc. |  Founders/Team: Martin Gemme
Diamond Process Solutions Inc. is a producer of packaging automation equipment. They produce custom and standardized solutions for processing/manufacturing players in various industries.

Fintrak  |  Founders/Team: Sam Yasinski
Fintrak is a financial planning mobile app designed for a segment of the population that have difficulty accessing investment products. Fintrak provides a budgeting tool with customized financial advice from professional financial advisors.

Glean |  Founders/Team: Jordan Kruhlak
Glean is a two-sided marketplace that brokers quotes from solar-panel installers to homeowners wishing to install solar panels on their home. Glean is also a one-stop-shop for all things solar including resources, a database of service providers and additional support for homeowners.

Habiller Baby Clothing Rentals  |  Founders/Team: Elizabeth Godfrey
Habiller is a baby clothing rental company. They offer an innovative and sustainable way to tackle the challenge of excess textile consumption through a commitment to fully circular fashion in the baby apparel market.

Kemisoft |  Founders/Team: Rimon Mikhaiel & Christine Mikhaiel
Kemisoft offers the Redlining Manager – contract management made simple. The product tracks and manages document revisions and allows for easy collaboration directly integrated into various CRMs.

Moment Discovery |  Founders/Team: Meghan Desjardins
Moment Discovery is a digital art technology company researching and developing tech in human computing. Their technology enables new forms of 3D data visualizations and digital art authoring, responsive to sound and movement.

Recorem |  Founders/Team: Vikash Suresh & Pratap Ramanathan
Recorem is a platform that enables talent discovery during webinars, conferences and meetups. They offer a three-sided marketplace for employers, job seekers and event hosts.

Skiezy  |  Founders/Team: Mark Keohane & Cameron Barke
Skiezy Inc. offers innovative products for alpine ski maintenance, travel, and storage. They feature patented technology in well-designed products that are manufactured in Canada, with robust material.

Veto  |  Founders/Team: Tyrone Powell
Veto is a mobile app that assists with decision making by reducing “noise” and providing relevant information to the user, based on search criteria. They are currently focused on helping decision-makers using the restaurant industry.

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