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Work Nicer Coworking to join Mercer Warehouse as anchor tenant

*Disclaimer: The following content was released using our former organization name Innovate Edmonton and/or program division Startup Edmonton, prior to the transition to our new brand and name, Edmonton Unlimited.

PARTNER NEWS RELEASE  |  Edmonton, June 28, 2022

Landmark partnership to strengthen Edmonton’s entrepreneurial hub

Gather Co., owner of the Mercer Warehouse, and Work Nicer Coworking, Alberta’s number one coworking community, announced today that Work Nicer will become the new anchor tenant in the Mercer Warehouse, starting this fall.

Work Nicer has been making waves since 2015, growing to more than 1,200 members across five outposts in Alberta, with Mercer Warehouse becoming the sixth. From solopreneurs and large businesses to freelance writers and web designers, Work Nicer is home to people from all walks of life, providing coworking areas, private offices, meeting facilities, event venues and a whole lot of added benefits.

Mercer Warehouse has a rich history of being a space of tech and innovation. When Gather Co. revitalized the long-time underused space in 2012, this was the dream and vision for its future. Gather Co. is very excited to welcome Work Nicer into the building and continue to provide a space for innovation in Edmonton.


Alex Putici, Member & Founder, Work Nicer Coworking
“Work Nicer was created out of a desire for community, somewhere people with common interests could make connections and grow together. Since opening the first Edmonton Work Nicer, Beaver House, in 2019 and building the YEG community, it makes more sense than ever to take this next step in partnership with Mercer Warehouse. Everything about Mercer, from its connection to Edmonton’s entrepreneurial hub, to its iconic location, calls to the community Work Nicer fosters every day. We just knew it was where Work Nicer needed to be, and the team can’t wait to see what great ideas, businesses and connections emerge from it.”

Devin Pope, Partner, Gather Co.
“We are very excited to welcome Work Nicer and can’t wait to get them settled in. They are the perfect fit for us and will continue to fuel our mission of being a haven for entrepreneurs. Many great companies have emerged through our previous partnership with Startup Edmonton, including Poppy Barley and
DrugBank. We look forward to a new and different chapter of success and growth for companies in the space through Work Nicer’s commitment to the community.”

Jeffrey Sundquist, President and CEO, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
“The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see this space continue to build on the incredible legacy Startup Edmonton had. Some of our most innovative and successful local companies, including Poppy Barley, Medo A.I. and Drivewyze, began right here. As our workforce continues to shift and adapt from the pandemic, these flexible co-working spaces are critical to our business ecosystem. Congrats to The Gather Co., Work Nicer and the companies who will soon call this space home.”

Catherine Warren, CEO, Innovate Edmonton
“Startup Edmonton, now an Innovate Edmonton program, has called the Mercer Warehouse home for a decade, providing a vibrant space for emerging tech companies to thrive. As we prepare to move to our new destination at 10107 Jasper Avenue, it’s great to see Work Nicer take up the Mercer mantle, offering a welcoming space for founders and companies, while contributing to the innovation identity of our city. As North America’s fastest growing tech sector, Edmonton continues to enhance a diverse innovation ecosystem that will lead to downtown vibrancy, entrepreneurship, and innovation placemaking.”

Puneeta McBryan, Executive Director, Downtown Business Association
“This announcement is so exciting for downtown Edmonton. Over the years, we’ve seen how co-working communities are catalysts for collaboration, innovation and business growth in our downtown. As the workforce continues to shift and adapt through the pandemic, communities like Work Nicer are critical
to our business ecosystem.”

David Shepherd, MLA, Edmonton-City Centre
“This is wonderful news for Edmonton-City Centre. For a decade, the Mercer Warehouse has been at the heart of tech and innovation in our downtown core, providing a welcoming space for community and collaboration. And I can’t think of a business better suited to continue that legacy than Work Nicer – a company founded in Alberta to provide space and support for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs to build, grow and thrive.
“The flexible services they’ll offer in this iconic space will bring even more people to work and create in the heart of our city, seeding new companies that will add to the growing vibrancy of our downtown core and the strength of the economy in our city and province. I’m truly excited for this new space and look forward to getting to know the creators and collaborators who’ll call it home.”

Work Nicer Mercer is anticipated to open in the fall. To find out more information or learn
about joining the community, visit:

Link to photos of the event can be found here, media are welcome to use.

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