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Edmonton Unlimited welcomes the sixth Propel cohort

Propel is our 12-week pre-accelerator program designed to support Edmonton-based, early-stage, scalable technology startup companies as they solidify their business foundations and prepare to apply for accelerators, secure investment, and increase revenue.

Meet the companies in the sixth cohort of Propel:

City Lending Centers
Focused on providing financial products, services and education to low-credit and underserved individuals in African-Canadian communities.
Co-Founders: Margaret Adekunle & Ben Adekunle

Diamond Process Solutions Inc.
A packaging automation equipment producer that produces custom and standardized solutions for processing/manufacturing players in various industries.
Founder: Martin Gemme

A financial planning mobile app designed for a segment of the population that have difficulty accessing investment products. It also includes a budgeting tool with customized financial advice from professional financial advisors.
Founder: Sam Yasinski

A two-sided marketplace that brokers quotes from solar-panel installers to homeowners wishing to install solar panels on their home. Glean is also a one-stop-shop for all things solar including resources, a database of service providers and additional support for homeowners.
Founder: Jordan Kruhlak

Habiller Baby Clothing Rentals
A baby clothing rental company that offers an innovative and sustainable way to tackle the challenge of excess textile consumption through a commitment to fully circular fashion in the baby apparel market.
Founder: Elizabeth Godfrey

Offers the Redlining Manager – contract management made simple. The product tracks and manages document revisions and allows for easy collaboration directly integrated into various CRMs.
Co-Founders: Rimon Mikhaiel & Christine Mikhaiel

Moment Discovery
A digital art technology company researching and developing tech in human computing. Their technology enables new forms of 3D data visualizations and digital art authoring, responsive to sound and movement.
Founder: Will Bauer

A platform that enables talent discovery during webinars, conferences and meetups. They offer a three-sided marketplace for employers, job seekers and event hosts.
Co-Founders: Vikash Suresh & Pratap Ramanathan

Offers innovative products for alpine ski maintenance, travel, and storage. They feature patented technology in well-designed products that are manufactured in Canada, with robust material.
Co-Founders: Mark Keohane & Cameron Barke

A mobile app that assists with decision making by reducing “noise” and providing relevant information to the user, based on search criteria. They are currently focused on helping decision-makers using the restaurant industry.
Founder: Tyrone Powell


Prior involvement in Edmonton Unlimited programs was not a requirement for acceptance: The cohort was picked from early-stage companies from a variety of industries that had a scalable tech-enabled product being used in market, launched within the past 18 months, an understanding of product space and why their product is a solution, and proof of customers/users.

“The one main thing that I was struggling with before Propel was, who actually needs our product. We’ve nailed that down. We know exactly who that customer is. We know how to speak to them. We know where to find them and how to market to them. And we wouldn’t have been able to get to that point without Propel.”

—Ade Adegbonmire, Founder of Adewunmi Skincare | Propel 5 Alumni

Running from September to December 2022, Propel is a customized series of mentorship opportunities and ecosystem activities that provides participants with connections with experts, advisors, founders and funders from across Canada including Canadian Tech Network (CTN) advisors, Sprout Fund, 321 Growth Academy, A100, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and more.

Additionally, the program will train key skills required for startup success through structured programming with a structured forum for weekly peer-to-peer mentoring.

The participants will receive accountability coaching with weekly progress check-ins with our team.

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