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Introducing the Fall 2023 cohort of Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing

Meet the companies in the latest cohort of the Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing series

Propel FastTrack is a series designed to support Edmonton-based, early-stage, tech-enabled or uniquely innovative startup companies/founders by giving them the skills and strategies they need in as little time as possible, so that they can focus on building their company. Rather than touching on a range of different topics in a high-level way, we’re focusing on one essential area at a time.

In the Propel FastTrack: Sales & Marketing series, participants will spend five weeks learning how to build their sales engine and a repeatable and scalable process, go-to-market strategies, and more, all while getting hands-on, individual support from expert mentors and coaches.

Meet the Companies

Boardworks Gear Lab Inc.  |  Founders/Team: Andy LaForge
Boardworks Gear Lab Inc. designs and manufactures ski/snowboarding tuning equipment.

Codesk Ca Ltd.  |  Founders/Team: Jhaira Mae Humber
Codesk Canada, your all-in-one solution for website design and development, incorporating AI automation, social media marketing, and more. Their mission is to empower small businesses and brands, elevating their online presence to the next level through enhanced visual appeal. They are dedicated to making a significant impact on your business, propelling it towards success by optimizing its online representation.

C2 (C-squared) Conscious Customer  |  Founders/Team: Amal Merali
C2 provides an app that outputs a carbon footprint label for fashion/apparel products.

Genesis Data Solutions Inc.  |  Founders/Team: Tesfa Haile
Genesis Data Solutions Inc provides data-centric and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted solutions for technical materials integrity challenges, and processes/operations optimization utilizing data.

Good Day Optics |  Founders/Team: Jared Szuch
Good Day Optics offers more durable sunglasses and goggles made of materials and a modular design not seen before. They are designed to enhance outdoor experiences, ensuring every day outside is a good day. |  Founders/Team: Daniel Taylor, Craig Hamaliuk
Litlife utilizes AI to be your trainer at a fraction of the cost of a normal trainer. It learns your body’s capabilities and adjusts your program to fit you. Furthermore, it’s available 24/7.

Maado  |  Founders/Team: Yonas Halala, Deven Tadesse
Maado is a services company that builds SaaS products for other founders.

Quantum International Services Ltd.  |  Founders/Team: Ali Akbarian
Quantum International Services have created an innovative IFE solution that leverages VR and AR tech to deliver personalized and immersive entertainment content, enhancing the passenger experience during flights.

Skipper Hair Inc.  |  Founders/Team: Gillian Thomson
Skipper provides a completely new kind of shower cap with a patented design that puts comfort and performance first, replacing countless plastic shower caps.

TokenSport |  Founders/Team: Anderson Suarez
TokenSport provides an app that rewards users for participating in sports with discounts at participating merchants.

Trigger Tracker Tech |  Founders/Team: Heba Iftikhar, Nhan Ngyuen
Trigger Tracker Tech is an AI food diary that helps individuals living with digestive chronic illnesses with diet management.

Uplift Learning Inc.  |  Founders/Team: Ernestina Malheiro
Our online resilience training for frontline professionals and their organizations helps decrease staff turnover and recruitment costs, improve workplace mental health and decrease organizational brain-drain.

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