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Meet the Companies | Student Founders Program 2023

Say hello and get to know the 2023 cohort of the Student Founders Program.

The Student Founders Program is a free program for young entrepreneurs who are building an early-stage innovative product or service where they receive coaching and mentorship to help launch. During this 16-week, live curriculum students are: 

  • Identifying and developing early customers
  • Proving your market
  • Building a strong foundation for your product, team, and company 
  • Learning to sell your product and companies to customers and investors

Meet the companies in the 2023 cohort

Earnest Wealth

Founders: Terry Lee Chen

Earnest Wealth is a personal finance app that helps you learn and grow your money skills. Whether you want to budget better, save more, or plan for the future, we have you covered. Discover a new way of managing your finances with fun and engaging content.

Fescoms Natural

Founders: Comfort & Godfred Kugbey

Sustainable sourced unrefined shea butter from Ghana, our value is to use business to empower the lives of the producers in Ghana and to also make it available for the individuals who use it to moisturize, business owners who use it as raw materials to make body creams, soaps, and many other skincare products.


Founders: Karol Escallón & Ana Cecilia Matallana

With FlairGlow, finding and booking personalized beauty services has never been easier. Our one-stop app seamlessly connected you with beauty professionals, tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for trusted services – FlairGlow is here to simplify your beauty journey and provide a seamless experience for residents, immigrants, and visitors alike. 

Full Inclusion

Founders: Jerome Allridge

Do you know how there are a lot of homeless and a housing crisis in Edmonton and Alberta? We solve this by ensuring they have suitable matches with organizations and individuals willing to house them. Imagine if we could end the homeless problem in Edmonton. The concept connects vulnerable individuals to short-term, long-term housing, shelters during extreme weather events and the broader community.

Home Appetito

Founders: Braden Richards

Home Appetito is a meal prep marketplace where restaurants can offer meal plans to their local community. This allows people to get the convenience of online meal prep, while supporting their favourite local restaurants.

Insight Solutions

Founders: Kundan Deep Singh, Andy Zhang and Rishit Gajjar

Insight Solutions revolutionizes virtual meetings by providing advanced speech-to-text conversion and AI technology, offering concise summaries, action items, roadblocks, and next steps to team members. By automating meeting minutes and seamlessly integrating with existing project management tools, Insight Solutions ensures precise goal alignment, efficient collaboration, and shared understanding, enabling teams to focus on innovation and achieving their goals together.


Founders: Gal and Ereni Perez

Naiya is a home decor startup founded by Gal and Ereni Perez, with a strong commitment to fair trade, sustainability, and conscious consumerism. The startup provides a platform for Mexican artisans to showcase and sell their handcrafted products internationally. Through their online presence and partnerships with physical locations like Kingsway Mall and local restaurants, Naiya offers a range of handmade items created with natural materials and traditional artisanal techniques.

Ultriciti EV Charging Services

Founders: Delaano Martin

Ultriciti EV Charging Services provides portable electric vehicle charging solutions that bring charging capabilities directly to individuals or businesses in need of charging on the go or in remote locations. Our mission is to make electric vehicle charging accessible and sustainable, with a commitment to reducing carbon emissions and building a cleaner future. We also want to contribute to reducing range anxiety for having concerns that you won’t have enough range to reach to your destination.

Founders: David Desjarlais

You know how it’s really difficult to develop an app or website with limited technical skills or resources? solves this by providing a platform that transforms ideas into prototypes and products using AI. Imagine if you could simply provide your requirements and have it quickly create an affordable technical solution for you.

The Younited Project

Founders: Claude Manuela Ekotto Eboa and Sophie Illigan

The Younited Project is a global initiative and multi-stakeholder approach to community development. We empower communities, businesses, and NGOs to collaborate toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through our platform, we facilitate disaster relief, promote innovation and democratize knowledge creation. Join us in making a positive social impact and building a sustainable future for all.

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