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Life-saving research for the world, made in Edmonton

API builds translational teams to better support industry and innovators in drug development.

As an innovator in the life science industry, you can encounter many hurdles while developing and producing drugs or medical technologies. Often, it isn’t easy to access the support needed to get market-ready. But what if there was an organization that would connect you to a diverse team of experts to guide you, help get your product investment-ready, and get your innovation onto patients’ bedside tables?

CEO Andrew MacIsaac and his team at Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) do precisely this for life science innovators. A not-for-profit organization with over 60 staff and a network of 100+ affiliated experts, API works with companies to grow and succeed by building translational teams. These teams help health innovators “translate”, or navigate, a complex environment with many regulatory and compliance hurdles, and transform their novel medical technology into an attractive investment and scalable company.

But what does a translational team do precisely?


Imagine you’re an expert in oncology, and you’ve created a cancer-treating product that you are confident will save lives, but you’re unsure how to bring your product to the market. You’ve identified a need for a medicinal chemist to help you formulate the product, as well as researchers, clinical partners, and marketers to help forward your innovation and raise capital. How would you access this broad range of support? Enter a translational team.

Through API innovators can access translational teams, along with infrastructure and research facilities, expertise, and post-doctoral fellow students. API’s translational teams bring researchers, clinical partners, industry innovators, and students together to translate or move fundamental science discoveries quickly and efficiently into practice, ultimately benefiting patients’ health.

Bringing their diverse backgrounds and capabilities to the table, the team listens to your challenge and matches you with the people who have the required expertise and knowledge on how to get your product to market efficiently and successfully. Through this process they work with you as a conduit to getting your product and company ready for funders and investment capital so that you can bring your product to market.

On a steady growth path, API plans to expand its commercial facilities to work in direct collaboration with the companies they are working with. Additionally, they are revamping and expanding their training programs for students and trainees looking to get into a career in life sciences.


To learn more about what Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation is up to, visit their website.

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