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Lawtiq is revolutionizing the legal industry by making it easier for clients with diverse needs to find the right lawyer and access legal assistance.

Lawtiq is revolutionizing the legal industry by making it easier for clients with diverse needs to find the right lawyer and access legal assistance. After experiencing their frustrations while seeking legal support, Co-Founders Ali and Sam saw the need for a more streamlined and transparent legal support tool and sought to create a solution. Lawtiq’s search filters, fixed-priced services, and flexible payment options provide greater transparency and accessibility, while its dedicated support team is on hand to help with any legal questions or issues. The platform also offers seamless communication tools, including video calling, file sharing, and messaging options, allowing clients to connect with their lawyers quickly and easily for various tailored service plans, making it an ideal choice for clients across Canada.

We are thrilled to offer our clients in Canada an innovative platform that simplifies the lawyer search process and provides seamless communication tools. Our platform is designed to make legal services more accessible to everyone, regarding of their location or individual needs.

In 2022, Lawtiq launched the beta version of its innovative platform in Canada to simplify finding and connecting with lawyers for clients nationwide. Since their beta platform launch, they’ve onboarded 60 legal professionals, served over 268 clients, and recently nominated as one of Edmonton’s top 20 startups from Startup TNT’s Investment Summit.

As a recent graduate of Alberta Catalyzer’s Traction (Fall 2022) and Velocity (Spring 2023) programs, Lawtiq obtained support and expert coaching to help grow their company and achieve scaleup accelerator readiness. Over the series of weekly workshops and 1:1 coaching, Lawtiq developed marketing strategies, refined their pitch and sales efforts, and prepared to scale and generate operational growth.

When you come to a program like Alberta Catalyzer, and you share your experiences and ideas with other founders, coaches, and advisors – magic happens. This is what I would say to all founders. If you want to be the next success to story from Edmonton, from Alberta, or from Canada, you need to come and join [Alberta Catalyzer] program right now!

Alberta Catalyzer is a part of Alberta Innovates’ Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program (Scaleup GAP) for early-stage companies to scale, grow and propel Alberta’s digital transformation. Developed and delivered by Edmonton Unlimited and Platform Calgary, Alberta Catalyzer provides company support, resources, and coaching through three unique program streams: Engage, Traction, and Velocity, designed to help launch and grow tech-enabled businesses at various stages of development.

2023 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for Lawtiq. They recently announced that they’ve been selected to participate in the newest cohort of the Alberta Accelerator by 500 Global, a testament to their commitment to democratizing access to legal knowledge and support. On the horizon, they’re looking to break into the US market, introduce new platform features, and complete their first-round funding.

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Scaleup GAP provides end-to-end business support services for growth-oriented companies just starting out or for those looking to grow companies who are just fleshing out their business plans all the way to organizations who need advice or investment to help them grow globally. Five accelerators were brought to Alberta in 2021/2022 to bridge the scaleup gap, including Alberta Accelerator by 500, Plug and Play Alberta, Telus Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator powered by Alchemist, Thrive Canada Accelerator and Alberta Catalyzer, an early-stage pre-accelerator. 

Read the full release to learn more about Scaleup Gap’s first two years of impact and success.

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