‍For many people that want to ship packages overseas, it can be very expensive with long delivery times, and Fly and Fetch is connecting people from all over the world to provide a more efficient and affordable solution. Fly and Fetch is a modern shipping provider that utilizes travelers to transport packages for faster and friendlier service, and fosters a shipping community of travelers and shippers through human connection. Meet Shelvie Fernan and Victoria Celi, Co-Founders of Fly and Fetch, and learn more about how they identified their market, and what’s next for their business.


Tell us in one sentence – who are you, and how does your company innovate? 

We are a modern shipping provider that optimizes technology to provide up to 80% cheaper and 2x faster international shipping. 


What is unique about your business?  

We give people free flight tickets in exchange for their luggage capacity. 

We’re a disruptor in a very traditional industry. Unlike other shipping companies, we don’t have any infrastructural costs and can easily expand our business to other cities and target audiences. 


At what point did you identify or realize the problem that your company currently solves? 

We both are immigrants and understand how frustrating it is to deal with couriers that delay or lose packages or charge you a lot of money to send a package to your loved ones back home. We have been experiencing this problem since we moved to Canada. 


What inspired you to become a problem-solver and start your business? 

I’ve always been an entrepreneur since I was a kid and it is who I am. I’ve tried different roles before and I realized that being in business, working in tech, and solving a bigger problem, is the kind of work environment that makes me the happiest. – Shelvie 


What are you most proud of? 

Fly and Fetch is indeed made by and made for community. We are proud of the community that we have created to make a bigger impact, building it took a village. We reached out to any help we could get to get to where we are, and we will continue to do so. We are thankful to the network of supporters who organically spread news about our company to support us. Lastly, our very own internal community including our senders, travellers, hub managers, and employees are just so amazing to us. 

We have a flawless 5-star rating, and it’s a reflection of all the effort and love we put into our business, to serve our customers. 


Share some key milestones/updates on your startup within the last year. 

  • We x4 our revenue since last year  
  • We have expanded our revenue streams to 3 more  
  • We have participated in programs and accelerators  
  • Our community is growing rapidly  
  • We have won competitions and been featured in the media for our work in making shipping affordable.


Edmonton has a unique opportunity, both locally and globally. The potential is limitless! What does it mean to you to contribute to Edmonton’s innovation identity, and help position our city as an inclusive global innovation capital? 

I am extremely honoured. Edmonton is a great city to build and start a company and I am extremely fortunate to build a company in a city that provides many resources and opportunities to a founder like me. Fly and Fetch has employees, investors, mentors, and customers from all over Edmonton. This city has been extremely generous to me and it made being a woman of color in tech an amazing experience.  – Shelvie 


How does Edmonton Unlimited resonate with you? What does this mean to you? 

Edmonton Unlimited means the opportunity to grow and build in Edmonton is endless. Edmonton Unlimited is the resource to ensure we keep building high growth or unicorn potential companies.  

Edmonton Unlimited means all kinds of founders are supported and are welcome to build. 

– Shelvie 


Why is Edmonton the place to take your ideas to the next level? What made you decide to establish yourself here? 

Edmonton has so many resources and opportunities for startup founders to help us grow faster and scale rapidly. I built Fly and Fetch here because of the vibe of the community which is always encouraging founders to build and grow. 


How have you been involved with Edmonton Unlimited? How have they helped your company/idea grow? 

In the summer of 2020, we were part of the Students Founders Program and a little after that, we joined Propel. We went from just an idea to our first business model. We tested it out and pivoted to build our current business. Edmonton Unlimited has been with us since the very beginning and we have been very fortunate to have access to its programs, mentors, economic support and incredible community. – Victoria 


How can people get involved or support your business? 

They can send a package or tell their friends to send a package via www.flyandfetch.com/send or they can travel for free via www.flyandfetch.com/travel. You can support us by telling your friends and family about us! 


What advice would you give someone trying to become an entrepreneur or looking to solve a problem? 

To start right away, test all assumptions fast, and change whatever is not working. Always keep in mind the problem you are trying to solve and the people you are building your business for. – Victoria  

Never stop learning. For a startup, the main source of learning and developing our product is our customer. – Shelvie 


What can we look forward to from your company? 

We have expansion plans and we are also creating new technology geared towards security. 

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