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Building an inclusive global innovation capital

*Disclaimer: The following content was released using our former organization name Innovate Edmonton and/or program division Startup Edmonton, prior to the transition to our new brand and name, Edmonton Unlimited.

When you think of innovation, does inclusivity come to mind? If it doesn’t yet, it soon will.

Innovation in its simplest form is about creating significant positive change. Change can happen in any field. Of course, there will always be tech innovation, but innovation does not only belong to one specialized or technological area. There’s also cultural innovation, social innovation, sustainable innovation, and Indigenous innovation, to name a few. Anyone can be an innovator regardless of age, sector, experience, or background.

However, in the past few decades, the notion of innovation and technology started melding into one. So, you could say that innovation itself needs reinventing.

It turns out that Innovate Edmonton’s interpretation of innovation is somewhat revolutionary. Our vision of innovation is wide open and inclusive, putting our city at the forefront of “innovation disruption.” Edmonton champions innovation by all and is welcoming to all.

Inclusive innovation:

  • Taps innovators at every stage of growth, from early-stage founders to multinationals.
  • Is interdisciplinary and benefits people with all types of expertise across all sectors and industries, and.
  • Is equitable and open to people of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, experiences, and voices.

Today’s complex world is facing tough challenges like the climate emergency, public health issues, food security, the digital divide, social justice, and Reconciliation – all of which have the potential to significantly change the course of our planet. Advances in tech, in international collaboration, in all spheres of knowledge, in new business models, and novel forms of intellectual property are essential to tackling what the world needs right now. Edmonton has the bench strength to deliver vital solutions, which are exactly what global markets demand and where enlightened investors want to deploy capital.

With Innovate Edmonton’s inclusive approach at the heart of our services, we are mobilizing the city’s highly talented and diverse entrepreneurs, investors, community leaders and universities to position Edmonton as a global innovation capital. Edmontonians are in the right place, at the right time — and ready to do well while doing good.

When we invite, nurture, and build an inclusive innovation ecosystem together, we’re going to make things better for the environment, society, and the economy.

Want to learn more? Innovate Edmonton offers:

  • Free programs for local entrepreneurs to grow their own inclusive innovation companies
  • YouTube channel featuring videos of local companies innovating to address global challenges
  • Our Weekly Innovation Blast newsletter showcasing home-grown innovators-in-action
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