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Talent Membership

More than a pipeline of students, our Talent Membership lays the foundation for you to create meaningful relationships with students throughout their academic careers. These connections help shape the skills they need to be successful new hires for your team, and inspire them to stay and develop in Edmonton.

In addition to interactions with students, your involvement in the Talent Membership is a great way to grow your team, encourage professional development and peer-to-peer connections through our massive network of community events. Plus, it’s your best way to access our Job Board to share the word about opportunities at your company.

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By The Numbers

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Student Memberships
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Student Interactions
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Individuals Supported
Students at DevCon 2021
Campuses Activations
Technical & Non-technical Speaker Series Events
Round Table Events

Membership Benefits

As a member of Startup Edmonton’s talent membership program, you have the opportunity to work directly with the city’s most talented post-secondary students. Our student members are constantly looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and become a part of the startup community and as a talent member, we’ll help bring their energy and talent to your company. Talent membership benefits also include:

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Membership Pricing & Eligibility

Financial support of our Talent Membership empowers us to offer more opportunities to engage students as part of our city’s growing technology and innovation community.

Less than 100 employees

$750CAD / Annually


100 - 500 employees

$1,500CAD / Annually

Limited availability


$150See All



Tech-Enabled Company
  • Your company uses technology at 
  • the core of your product offering
  • You have product in-market
  • You have at least two team members based in the Edmonton-region
  • Your technical team is highly engaged and willing to work with students at various events
  • Engagement with senior leadership (C-suite and Dev Team Leads)
  • You can commit at least 2 hours a month to engaging with students
  • Two, half-day requests for company mixer participation
  • A dedicated contact for all Talent Member requests & communications

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