Discover & Validate Series

A Foundations Program


It starts with an idea for solving a global issue but how does it become a thriving business? We have the foundations to bring your ideas to the world. 

Edmonton Unlimited is committed to meeting global challenges with homegrown ingenuity. Our foundational workshops can help you learn about entrepreneurship and meet like-minded problem solvers to move your idea forward.  Learn the basics (legal, accounting, social media, marketing, human resources) to help you bring the best of Edmonton to the world. 

Whether you’re navigating the world of entrepreneurship for the first time or you’re looking for a refresher, these programs provide a strong foundation to help you bring the best of Edmonton to the world. Learn about each of the elements of your business model and how you can validate each one through our Business Model 101 workshop then move through the Discover and Validate series. 

Building on your business model, the Discover and Validate series is aimed at supporting you and helping put your assumptions to the test as you learn about customer discovery. Learn where they are, what they need, and how to validate and build the confidence to move forward. 


  • 5 weeks of two hour live, online sessions.

  • Hands-on support and feedback with experienced facilitators.

  • All materials mailed to you in advance.

  • Meet like-minded people who are validating an idea.

  • Come away with customer discovery data.

  • Coming Up:

    • Click the button above to see upcoming dates and to register.

  • $0, made possible by Alberta Innovates through the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network.

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