C-Tribe x Gaming Festival 2024

Posted: February 23, 2024
Date: February 23, 2024 - February 25, 2024
City: Edmonton, AB

C-Tribe x Gaming offers gamers and gaming industry professionals access to industry training, and professional development and showcases the gaming industry in a unique atmosphere of exploration. The event features Pitch Quests, esports tournaments, game jams and more!

As a platform that aims to celebrate diversity and help more innovative and creative people achieve their dreams, we saw a big opportunity to get more hard-to-reach communities into the gaming industry.

As a sector that’s worth over $100B globally, bigger than the film and music industry combined, there’s tremendous economic and social opportunities to get more communities engaged in the gaming sector.

C-Tribe aims to play a complementary role in amplifying an already established gaming industry here in Edmonton and create more bridges for involvement.

One of the marquee events kicks off with the C-Tribe x Gaming Luncheon on Feb 23rd at 11 AM that aims to shed light on some of the ancillary ways people can get involved in the gaming industry. Headlining the Luncheon will be Abel, Co-Founder and CEO of Backtrace, who will talk about the process his team went through in defining a need, building a proof of concept before iterating and gaining product market fit, strategic pivots to establish a competitive stance, raising money, and creating an opportunity for exiting (selling) their business. They created a businesses that served the gaming industry without having to actually build a game.

Another exciting event will be the C-Tribe x Gaming Pitch Quest: an event tailored for aspiring game developers. Attendees can dive into an exclusive showcase of games set to redefine gameplay, graphics, and immersive storytelling standards. With the focus on indie gems, gaming and tech enthusiasts can get an up-close-and-personal look at the next wave of gaming. This is your passport to what’s next in the world of digital entertainment and is a must-attend for anyone keen on staying ahead of the gaming curve. Enjoy the demos, participate in Q&A sessions with the creators, and leave with a wealth of insights!

Game development is – very hard. It is a multidisciplinary field, demanding devs spin many plates to deliver the bare minimum product. It also faces foundational problems; roughly one third of game developers were affected by layoffs last year despite a surplus of juggernaut releases and record sales. Even so, indies like myself may turn away from corporate overlords only to find the same precarity ~ empty gestures and little support.

In order for devs to thrive in Edmonton and beyond, we must look to collective action, be it unionization, cooperative business, or cross studio collaboration. Events like C-Tribe x Gaming Festival, GDX, and casual developer gatherings like GameCamp Edmonton allow us to collect and navigate these challenges together. Between our joint efforts, we can establish a foundation from which to stand, supporting ourselves and any young hopefuls that may come after us.

Beyond institutional development, awareness is paramount. There are a lot of indie devs in Edmonton, more than you’d think. Festivals allow us to share our work with players firsthand, get real feedback and illustrate the joy behind creating. Simply having people know your game exists at all is a massive leg-up and can bring a lot of moral to a project. My game, Little Hellions, has been in development for a long time ~ largely because I’ve been working alone*.* Now, the prospect of it’s full completion is very real, largely in thanks to interactions such as these.

– Jace Boechler (they/them), Founder, Schadenfreude & Developer, Little Hellions

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