Alberta Catalyzer

If you are ready to take your tech-driven business to the next level, the Alberta Catalyzer pre-accelerator supports entrepreneurs to launch and grow their startups in Alberta.

Alberta Catalyzer delivers business support, resources and coaching to entrepreneurs in the early stages of building a business, preparing them to advance to the scaleup and acceleration stages. The program is open to ALL founders launching and growing a tech-driven business – which includes the development of a new solution, product or process that has the potential to improve or advance the industry with commercial viability.


Learning streams to meet you where you’re at

  • Sessions delivered virtually
  • You’ve already conducted customer discovery around the problem you’re solving and have a potential solution you’re ready to test
  • Develop an MVP and seek first sales/ commitment or have a firm plan and strategy to launch your MVP
  • Identify your first customers
  • Build and run testing cycles with your users
  • Sessions delivered virtually
  • You’ve already launched your first MVP and have achieved some initial customers.
  • Identify and engage with your scaleable customer segment and generate early recurring revenue
  • Clearly and effectively communicate your MVP and brand to your target audience
  • Learn to present/pitch your vision/offering to a large audience

  • Sessions delivered in-person
  • You’ve already achieved initial product market fit with trending sales growth, revenue and a team to scale your business.
  • Investment readiness, scaling strategy, access technical mentors
  • Create scaleable systems to prepare for exponential growth
  • Coaching to support, focus and keep you accountable in your business 
  • Identify gaps in your team and establish a plan to fill those gaps
  • Identify your company needs to grow (funding, talent, tech development)
  • Create a data room, and prepare for initial investor conversations




In partnership with Alberta Innovates, Alberta Catalyzer is developed and delivered by Platform Calgary and Edmonton Unlimited, with support from partners and organizations in all eight regions across the Alberta Innovation Network.

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